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Environmental Consultancy

Rennie Design offers specialised environmental capabilities. The environment on any given project is a driving focus of Rennie Design and is believed to be of paramount importance to the success of design solutions. At the early stages of any project an in-depth appraisal and analysis is often required to gain a resolved understanding of the project context before moving forward. Rennie Design believes strongly in analysis and has considerable professional practice experience in this area working on Environmental Impact Assessments and compiling Landscape & Environmental Appraisals.

A greater understanding of the site, its context, landscape character and environmental credentials such as landuse, designations, hydrology, geology, habitats and biodiversity can help enhance the landscape heritage and social benefits for the end user. We have access to a network of specialist consultants to assist in compiling this relevant information. Rennie Design relishes in developing design ideas where environmental opportunities arise and strive to incorporate these into the overall design solutions where possible. The Rennie Design ethos is to understand the environment and to design with it in mind delivering projects where both elements can successfully coexist.

Rennie Design offers the following services for environmental services for both Landscape and Golf Projects.


  • Landscape & Environmental Appraisals

  • Landscape & Environmental Design

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Vegetation Management Plans

  • Habitat Enhancement/Creation

  • Specialist consultancy input (Agronomist/Arborists/Ecologists/Planners)

  • Golf Environmental Organization (GEO) Application Assistance

Ecology on the golf course